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  • Hengdian Group Linix Motor Co.,Ltd .

    We are the largest manufacturer of gear reducer motors in china, As you are doing business in electronic motor fileld. We sincerely hope to build good trade relations with your company through our mutual efforts. 1. AC Motor 2. Permanent Magnet DC Mo...

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    Electronic Motor

  • Changzhou Duowei Electric Co., Ltd

           COMPANY PROFILE   Changzhou Duowei Electric Co., Ltd, formerly Wujin Fangzheng Elect- ric Motor and Appliance Co., ltd., is a share-holding company with a f- ixed assets value of ...

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    Stepping Motor - Dc Motor - Universal Motor - Capacitance Motor - Brushless Dc Motor

  • Ningbo Mingjong Electric Industry Co.,Ltd .

    To : Manager of Purchasing Department How are you doing now ? do you work satisfactory recently ? pls let me introduce myself to you , I'm Jennifer from NINGBO MINGJONG ELECTRIC CO.,LTD. we are the professional manufacturer which produce Ele...

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    Motors - Timer Switch - Mechanical Timer - Electronic Timer - Camera - Night Lamp

  • Ruian City Yongji Weiye Auto Parts Co.,Ltd

    Yong ji Contibution Enterprise Vehicle and Motor Parts and Componentes Company was set up in 1992.It is professional in the line of producing vehicle and motor parts and components.We have the main product of vehicle rain scraper motor and warm-wind ...

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    Vehicle Rain Scraper Motor - Warm-Wind Motors - Fan Motors - Motorcycle Appliance

  • Huayang Business Co., Ltd .

    Huayang Business Co., Ltd. is an oversea-oriented trading and service company.,engaged in providing products with good combination of price and quality for our oversea clients. Our major lines concern elcetrical & electronics, machinery and light ind...

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    Brushless Dc Fan And Axial Ac Fan - Industrial Plug And Socket - Hoist Tools - Thermal Protector

  • Qualtek Electronics Limited

    Cable & Wire,Capacitors,Chargers,Circuit Breaker,Electric Power Tools,Electrical Outlets & Plugs,Electronic Component,Electronic Instrument,Generators,Lighting & Display,Motors & Engines,Power Accessories,Power Supplies,Radio & TV Equipment,Speaker,S...

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    Motors & Engines - Cable & Wire - Capacitors - Chargers - Circuit Breaker - Electric Power Tools

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